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As trustee of Futura Funeral Trust, Fiduciary Partners Trust Company has obtained personal information about you from you, from third parties authorized by you to provide information to us and from your transactions with others or us. This information may be of a personal nature, such as your name, address, telephone number, email address, social security number and birth date. Information may also be of a financial nature, such as your assets, liabilities, income or expenses. Fiduciary Partners Trust Company will not disclose any personal or financial information about you to anyone, except as required by law, as authorized by you, or as part of our employment of third parties helping us to provide you the services, which we furnish to you. Accordingly, disclosures may be made pursuant to a subpoena or to our external auditors, state regulatory authorities and businesses that provide certain technological services to us. Such entities have confidentiality policies of their own. Our privacy policy and practices continue even if you no longer receive services from us. We recognize that clients’ personal and financial information has been entrusted to us with the expectation that it will remain private. As your selected Trustee, we will comply with that expectation to the fullest extent of our responsibility.